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Global marketing is nothing more than marketing that is carried out both nationally and internationally, and it is about understanding the similarities and differences and using opportunities to achieve the goal. Focusing on global marketing is just as important as focusing on local marketing if a company wants to increase sales.

The local market is saturated in most categories of products and services in all the developed countries and hence they started doing business with other countries to increase their sales. Usually, in such a situation, goods that are expensive for domestic customers are exported to other rich countries.

When a company trades within the borders of a particular country, it has to compete with both the other national companies and the international companies that are part of the market. Marketing moves taken by professionals are based on the tastes of a particular audience. The product may not meet the tastes of higher level customers. Other national companies planning global expansion make it difficult for this type of company to grow. They become invisible internationally because they are unable to handle the increasing competition and may not be aware of potential competitors. Product development is based on the needs of local people. This type of company is focused on race and only cares about its performance in the national market.

Companies planning global expansion must first start exporting to a foreign customer. The returns will not be satisfactory at first. The export department can be entered in the head office which deals with all the laws. There may be an opportunity to become a secondary exporter by joining an Export Management Company who take care of voice acting, time difference, paperwork and clients. If you are managing exports without assistance, the export department can be started in an overseas office. This office works in coordination with the regional headquarters. But the respective overseas offices make the marketing decisions because they have the best knowledge of the particular market in which they operate.

Multinational marketing includes marketing in many countries. Marketing is based on the requirements of different countries and the results are satisfactory. Each area must be examined separately in terms of development, production and marketing. These types of markets are referred to as region focused. Global marketing affects everyone. The whole world is summarized as one market and the products that are put on the market must be adapted to the needs of each regional market. Marketers around the world make marketing decisions. This type of market is called geocentrism.

The automotive industry is one of the markets that has experienced growth in global sales over the past 50 years. In the past, only domestic companies such as Ford and General Motors produced cars in the United States, but today other international competitors such as Toyota and Honda operate in the same market and have overtaken local companies. Another major factor in global marketing is the Internet, which has introduced electronic commerce. Business has become online and global. This increased the company's sales and the numbers only increased due to the continuous increase in internet users. Customers' geographical location is no longer an obstacle. Global Marketing and B2B e-commerce management is growing rapidly.

Product, price, location and promotion are the elements of global marketing. The product must be created so that it can be sold in the same way everywhere. You should consider the main elements of all markets. However, the language in which the product is named can be changed while the content remains the same. The price is never fixed. It must be decided after checking the market and the currency of the country. The variables that affect prices are where the product is made, cost of components, transportation costs, labor costs, etc.

Placement is how the product is distributed and how it reaches the target market. As in third world countries, there is a lack of large areas to put them up or sell them in the main stores. Once the product has been developed and distributed, it must be promoted, which is precisely called advertising. Advertising is one of the most important marketing steps and consumes most of the budget. If possible, the same message in replay