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 It is very important for each company to create a different image in the market. This image is known as the company name, which distinguishes the company from its competitors and gives the public an image of it. Represents the principles, beliefs and productivity of the company. This image is responsible for increasing product sales and brand equality. Branding is a slow and tedious process and it is carried out by professionals skilled in perception management. Basically, marketing experts are engaged in its creation, who used various kinds of advertising and PR methods. Since this image is meant to attract customers, it must be very attractive. In addition to marketing experts, auditors also play an important role.

The company's name and logo should reflect its beliefs, such as Wal-Mart saying it sells for less. The logo should also be designed accordingly. Like the company, FedEx has included an arrow in its logo to represent its fast and efficient service. Once the company has established the image, the next step is to promote and distribute the product in the market. For example, if a company makes luxury products, the big names should be included in the ad experts, and the models appearing in those ads should be superstars. Likewise, they may not sell their products to other stores; You should aim for more hi-fi centers instead. Advertising and branding budgets should be reviewed from time to time to cut costs and stay in sync with technology. This also helps to renew the image of the company according to the changing demands of the consumers.

Testimonials from newspapers, magazines, and syndicates can ruin a well-established company's image. The slightest disagreement can be amplified by the media and damage the company's name. Controversies arise from the intervention of organizations related to the environment, religion, crime, politics, education and philanthropy. The government is also another powerful and influential organization in its own right.

Once a corporate image is established, it must be maintained. It shouldn't be like being here today and tomorrow. This image should be reflected in all of the Group's brands and product lines. Even if a product does not meet the requirements, it will cause confusion among consumers and affect the company's sales. Recently, there has been a dispute about a specific contact lens solution from a company. It must infect users with a rare disease. Not only did it affect the sales revenue of that particular product, but it made customers think and question the authenticity of other products from that particular company.

Another company's products contained a non-vegan ingredient hidden in a vegan product. This led to a loss of customer confidence. In such a situation, the company should advertise as a company that sells non-vegetarian foods, or invest in promoting the company as a vegan company by offering more vegan products. So the image of each individual product of the company offsets the overall image of the company. Last but not least, the image must be very realistic, faithfully represent your values and leave a personal imprint on the consumer.